Framed modules for home, industrial and commercial solar systems.
Standard framed PV panels for solar systems connected directly to the power grid or stand-alone solutions. All ACTIVESOL framed modules meet IEC 61215, EN 61730-1, EN 61730-2 standards. Exceptionally durable and highly efficient. The aesthetic panel design makes the installation harmoniously fitted in the surrounding.

Elektra Ferry

Masovia 4,8kW


Masovia 11kW

Masovia 5kW

Masovia 5kW

Masovia 3,5kW

Sweden 15kW

Opolskie Region 22kW

Lower Silesia 21kW

Masovia 6kW

Lubelskie Region 6kW

Masovia 4,5kW

Little Poland 39kW


Masovia 40kW

Lower Silesia 10kW

Lubelskie Region 2,25kW

Podlasie Region 40kW

Masovia 6kW

Denmark 7kW

Denmark 6kW

Great Poland 5kW

Denmark 2,5kW

Masoavia  4,5kW


Great Poland 3kW