ActiveSol-Light-075-prostyACTIVESOL Light 75W works great on a boat or on an allotment and wherever you regularly use low-power devices with or wherever you occasionally use equipment with higher power consumption. Pre-prepared mounting holes allow for easy fixation of the panel. The interesting design makes the panel become an aesthetic piece of equipment. With dimensions of 668/834 mm, the panel weighs  1,35 kg and does not burden the surface it is mounted on. The module itself – despite its thinness – is durable and with full support can withstand pressure up to 100 kg. Thanks to its flexibility, ACTIVESOL LIGHT panel can be mounted even on slightly curved surfaces. A 75Wp panel produces an average of 307 Wh a day. It is enough to watch TV for more than 3.5 h, provide power to a 25-liter tourist fridge for 6 hours or read by a 30W light bulb for 10 hours.

  • Light & durable
  • Water-, wind- hail-, salt- i temperature resistance
  • Easy maintenance

The energy produced by the solar panel can also be used to charge your phone, computer or navigation. The photovoltaic panel can also be used as an additional source of energy that powers a battery with capacity greater than 5A.The family of Activesol Light photovoltaic panels is characterized by exceptional performance and low weight. The modules are designed specifically for mobile applications. They are ideally suited as an independent source of power for boats, yachts, campers. Thanks to low weight they can be installed in almost any location. The aesthetic design of the panel makes Activesol an attractive piece of equipment. Activesol is a traveling companion full of energy, trouble-free, waterproof and quiet

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