36_ultra_fullThe smallest panel in the Activesol Ultra  family. The extremely lightweight and flexible module can be installed in virtually any location – it will not weigh down the construction and it will adapt to the shape of the surface. Compact and lightweight photovoltaic panel will fit perfectly in the most elegant surroundings. Pre-prepared mounting holes allow for easy fixation of the panel. The panel is noiseless and virtually trouble-free. A 36Wp panel produces an average of 150 Wh a day. This amount of energy will provide power to a 7W light bulb for almost 24 hours or allow us to cool by the fan for 5 hours. We can also use this energy to shave using an electric razor while listening to the radio. Activesol is a traveling companion full of energy, trouble-free, waterproof and quiet

  • Light & durable
  • Water-, wind- hail-, salt- i temperature resistance
  • Easy maintenance

Activesol Ultra photovoltaic panels is characterized by exceptional performance and low weight. The modules are designed specifically for mobile applications. They are ideally suited as an independent source of power for boats, yachts, campers. Special design increases modules productivity in condition of sunlight low angle. Thanks to low weight they can be installed in almost any location. Despite its thinness, hard coated prismatic surface makes panel durable. Thanks to its flexibility, Activesol Ultra panel can be mounted even on slightly curved or pliant surfaces. Activesol Utra has doubled UV protection and improved adhesiveness. The aesthetic design of the panel makes Activesol an attractive piece of equipment.

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