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Why flexible modules?


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Do you want to economize on energy expenses? Are you ecology oriented? Do you value your independence? Likely, the photovoltaic modules are what you come to like and appreciate.

A battery, controller and panel will do additional independent source of solar energy on yacht, boat, recreational property or in the camper van.
The mechanism is simple; photovoltaic panels charge a battery during the day and processed solar energy is available at any time and can power any electrical equipment – from the bulb to the engine.
ACTIVESOL FLEX are extremely easy to install (no drilling needed) and virtually require no maintenance. Thanks to strength and flexibility, the panels can be installed at almost any location, even on the curved surface.
Despite the small thickness, ACTIVESOL FLEX are durable and- fully supported – can resist pressure to 100kg, which means that you can safely walk on them.
In order to optimally choose the photovoltaic system, our needs and the available surface should be taken into account. For example, the panel 75W, 700×960 mm, produces to 350Wh per day, which is enough to charge the battery (12V DC installation) with 27,5Ah capacity or 16.5 work hours of LED bulb 20W.
ACTIVESOL FLEX standard offer includes flexible photovoltaic panels with power from 9W to 250W. If off the shelf panels is not enough, you can order the bespoke panels – fitted with shape and power. Everyone, for which good-looks/ superficies is as important as ecology and economy, can also choose the color of the cells of the module.